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World Challenge Pulpit Series
by David Wilkerson


سر القوة الروحية — January 29, 2001
(The Secret of Spiritual Strength)


شفاء الأذهان المضطربة — January 18, 1999
(The Healing of Troubled Minds!)


الحرية من الخوف — October 26, 1998
(Freedom from Fear)


طوبى للشعب العارفين الهتاف — October 13, 1997
(Blessed Is the People Who Know the Joyful Sound!)


الصلاة المرضية أمام الله — February 12, 1996
(Prayer That Is Pleasing To The Lord!)


وأنا أريحكم — May 15, 1995
(I Will Give You Rest! God's Cure for Condemnation, Guilt and Fear)


القلب الكامل — October 29, 1989
(A Perfect Heart)

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