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February 12, 1996
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Dearly Beloved:


In January, New York City endured the worst blizzard in fifty years. All Broadway shows shut down -- but Times Square Church never missed a service. Hundreds came, in spite of awful weather conditions. Businesses were shut down; the city buses stalled. Yet we were one of the few places open. I was overwhelmed to see more than 1,000 smiling saints in the congregation in the worst of the storm. That is truly revival.

A number of people have asked why I have a Texas mailing address. Before coming back to New York City to establish Times Square Church and all our other charitable outreaches, I maintained headquarters back in Lindale, Texas, about seventy miles east of Dallas. When I moved back to New York City, it became very clear we could not move all our office workers here; it is extremely expensive to live and work here. So we decided to keep our mailing ministry in Texas. It has proven to be good stewardship of our resources, since we can operate in Texas at under half of the New York costs.

Every letter sent to my Texas office that includes any comments - any letter addressed to me -- is opened, serviced, prayed over, then forwarded to my New York City office. My wife, Gwen, works full-time in the office reading every letter. She underlines the heart of each letter, saving me time when I read them. And she answers many herself.

Over and over again we read, "We doubt Brother Dave will read this letter. Some secretary will probably read it...." We smile when we read these comments -- but we can't answer them all. Most do not ask for an answer. And the letters of encouragement we receive bless our hearts so much.

Often, when overwhelmed by the pressures and needs of so many hurting people, my spirit is lifted when I read the letters of praying friends. I am learning that many who write to us have the gift of refreshment. We are so refreshed by their words.

I pray that all this year God will give me messages to help you grow in Him. I pray the word you receive will glorify Jesus and build you up in the faith.

Your prayers and financial support this week are especially needed -- and I am convinced the Holy Spirit will move upon those who are able and willing to help.

God be with you, now and always.

His bondservant,
David Wilkerson


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