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March 4, 1996

Dearly Beloved:


I was called to preach when I was eight years old, at an old-time camp meeting. I started preaching at about seventeen years of age. This coming May, I will turn sixty-five.

The longer I live, the more I realize the only true satisfaction and fulfillment here on earth is to be wholly dependent upon Jesus and to live to do His will. Pleasures all fade - fame has nothing of lasting quality - friends and family must one day part from us. Only spiritual realities will grow and satisfy more and more as time goes by.

Thank God for family, for friends, for productive work, and all the other things pertaining to life. But nothing of this earth can provide lasting joy and genuine happiness. We should not expect our mates to be our source of fulfillment - nor should we ever seek satisfaction from our work or any of our achievements. American Christianity has focused on materialism, enjoyable careers, and ever-happy family life as the ultimate goals in life. All it has produced is a nation of dissatisfied, restless neurotics, unable to sleep, let alone cope.

I pray that in all my forthcoming messages you will be challenged to wean yourselves from the transient things of this world and turn to the Lord with a yearning hunger for more intimacy with Him. I am pleading with the Lord to give me messages that will provoke you to righteousness and purity of heart, and that will create a longing in your heart for His soon return.

A special note - I want to express my heart to the elderly and to the unemployed who receive my monthly messages. Please do not feel under any obligation to send us any support. You are most welcome to receive my messages free of charge.

This ministy operates entirely on faith, and God has been faithful to move on the hearts of those who are able to give. These Holy Ghost promptings have been truly miraculous. God has been meeting our needs and keeping us free of debt.

Even in the past hard winter months, we have been hearing from dear praying and caring friends who have not forgotten our needs. That could be nothing else but the working and moving of God's Holy Spirit on the hearts of those who pray. Thanks to all of our friends and readers.

His bondservant,

P.O. Box 260
Lindale, Texas 75771


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