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October 13, 1997

Dearly Beloved:

Rejoice in the Lord always!

On July 15 my beloved ninety-year-old mother passed on to be with the Lord. She was a mighty woman of God, a prayer warrior, a powerful preacher and a godly example. She was a partner with me here in New York City for years, ministering on the streets and in Christian coffee houses which she helped establish. My minister father died at the age of fifty-four and after his death, mother came to New York City to work with us. We miss her very much.

My wife Gwen has been reading hundreds of letters and prayer requests sent by our readers. One sister wrote, "My friend told me you are probably like those TV evangelists who were caught slitting envelopes open, taking out the money and throwing away the letters without reading them. I hope it isn't so...." Believe me-it is not so! Every letter is read and reread, every prayer request is prayed over diligently. Our ministerial staff joins me in laying hands on the letters and praying over them with faith and earnestness. Other prayer intercessors then take them and also pray over them all.

Gwen and I have been shocked and saddened by so many sisters in the Lord who ask us to pray for husbands who have left them and their children. Numbers of the husbands were in the ministry-but got discouraged, changed so quickly, and just walked out, forsaking their families and obligations. It is truly alarming. But thank God for all those husbands who remain faithful no matter how difficult things become.

I am totally convinced that without prayer we cannot overcome in these times of testing. May the Holy Spirit call us to a daily time of waiting on the Lord to cry out to Him-to keep us-to put a protective wall of fire round about our families-and to keep us from the destruction and ruin we now see all around us.

We are pledged to pray diligently for all the needs and requests mailed to my office. The letters go to my Texas office, but are immediately bundled and mailed overnight to Gwen and me here in New York City.

Here at Times Square Church we are fasting and praying for purity and renewed repentance. We are also much in prayer that the Holy Spirit will move on the hearts of more of our readers of my messages to help us. I cry out to the Lord daily, with tears and supplication, that all our needs be met. And God has been so faithful. Each week it is always just enough to meet every need. To God be the glory!

Thanks for caring.

His bondservant,

P.O. Box 260
Lindale, Texas 75771


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