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December 15, 1997

Dearly Beloved:

Grace and peace to you through Christ our Lord!

If you were to ask me to describe our ministry, I would answer, "We seek after those who have made their bed in hell." In Psalm 139:8, the psalmist said: "...if I make my bed in hell...thou art there."

The Holy Spirit is there, in every hellish place that sinners have made their bed, where they are Iying down in a deep sleep in their vile iniquities. Yes, the Holy Spirit is there-convicting, wooing-through dedicated believers who are willing to go where sinners are to wake them up. Our workers venture into their hellish environment, sharing with them the glorious message of freedom and deliverance.

Paul defined some of those who make their bed in hell-including fornicators, idolaters, adulterers, homosexuals, self-abusers, thieves, covetous, drunkards. Then the apostle says triumphantly: "And such were some of you: but ye are washed...sanctified...justified in the name of the Lord Jesus, and by the Spirit of our God" (1 Corinthians 6:9-11).

Notice that Paul includes homosexuals and sex abusers in the list of those now delivered and cleansed-who no longer make their bed in hell. For years I have been discouraged about the full deliverance of lesbians and homosexuals. I had seen so few set free. But now, a good number are testifying to a full and complete deliverance. This next year I am trusting God to show the homosexual community that He is well able to set them free. My prayer is that God will raise up a host of militant, delivered gays who can honestly say, "I'm out of the closet because I am no longer a prisoner of this sin!" God is truly able.

We covet the prayers of all our readers as we open up new evangelistic outreaches all over New York City. We are going into the parks, gang territories and housing developments to reach those bound by drugs, alcohol and crime.

The Isaiah House is in full operation and hundreds are fed and ministered to every week. We conduct services daily for the addicted and homeless; and when they show a desire to change, we give them a bed and take them into our training program. We also provide a re-entry program with accountability training and job placement. Many are being reunited with their lost families.

All our ministries to the poor, the homeless and the addicted are funded totally by faith. We refuse all government money because of the strings attached-such as imposed psychiatric care and optional religious training.

To the glory of God, we have witnessed years of miraculous supply. We pray-God moves on hearts to respond-and every need is met through faith in the Holy Spirit to prompt spiritual giving. God has never failed and we are debt-free. So we pray on!

God bless you! Don't forget, we stand by to receive your prayer requests. We will hold you up in prayer with our intercessors.

Love in Christ

His bondservant,

P.S. If you want a tax deduction for giving in 1997, your check should be dated and postmarked no later than December 31, 1997.

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