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March 9, 1998
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Dearly Beloved:

Greetings in the name of our Blessed Lord and Savior Jesus Christ!

I was listening to a special radio program in a large eastern city, where the people on the street were being interviewed about the moral condition of America. The question was asked, "Do you believe America has lost its moral integrity?" Almost all who were interviewed said basically the same thing. "America is going to hell in a handbasket!" "We no longer care if scoundrels run our country, as long as we prosper." "Anything goes now; we are in the last days of our society-we are modern Rome going into collapse!" "Morality and purity have been sold out to pleasure and prosperity." "Sodom had no porno, no internet sex, no abortion, no filthy television polluting that society, so how can America expect to go on without being held accountable?"

Beloved, Jesus warned, "Perilous times shall come!" I believe what He said-they SHALL come. I believe we are even now living in those times, and yet too many Christians ignore all the warning signs. The signs are now everywhere that our nation is on the brink of a great chastening from the hand of God.

I took a five-week leave of absence from Times Square Church to finish a book about what I believe is a fast-approaching social and economic storm bearing down upon this nation. I know many do not want to hear it. Nevertheless, I intend to raise up a cry and a warning. God has made marvelous provisions to see all His children through these impending storms and crises, and that too is a part of the message that I am bringing. Hopefully, this prophetic book will be available in May. I will keep our readers well informed.

A personal note. Some readers have written expressing concerns about fund-raising calls and letters from various Teen Challenge ministries. They tell us they have been solicited door-to-door, by personal phone calls and by letters asking for matching-fund donations. Please be advised that I have nothing to do with any of these fund-raising efforts, although my name is often used. I founded Teen Challenge, but every center is autonomous and I am no longer officially connected with them. Teen Challenge is doing a great work and I cooperate with them as much as possible. But our particular ministry is WORLD CHALLENGE, a separate charitable corporation.

We choose to simply enlist financial support with a one-paragraph statement that we honestly believe the Holy Spirit supernaturally moves on the hearts of caring Christians to help us as He leads and directs. Our part is to seek God and feed our readers with the truth that sets men free. God has not once failed to meet our needs-on time. He will do it again this week. Thank you.

We pray God will meet your needs also.

His bondservant,
David Wilkerson

P.O. Box 260
Lindale, Texas 75771

Mt. Zion School of Ministry

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