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Looking for the Wright Church in the Wrong Places!

July 12, 1999

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Bible Study Questions

  1. Is there any such thing as the "Right Church?"

  2. What is the first step to finding the "Right Church?"

  3. How does God feel about churches that are leading His sheep astray?

  4. How did the people of that society react to God's warnings?

  5. What is God's intent for His churches?

  6. In Jeremiah's day when the Lord promised to be His people's righteousness through faith, did the Israelites begin to walk carelessly, or lower God's standard of holiness?

  7. Will God purge the church of all false and faulty shepherds?

  8. Does God have a holy priesthood?

  9. What are the characteristics of the true church?

  10. Where does the true church begin?

  11. What is your responsibility toward establishing a true church?

  12. Why attend a church at all?

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