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17. Juni 2002
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Liebe Freunde in Christus,


I've just returned from Germany and Italy, having conducted pastors' conferences and crusades. God blessed us in powerful ways in all the meetings. There was a spirit of deep conviction as the Word was given, much brokenness and contriteness among pastors and wives. Thousands of ministers and their spouses attended, and we believe a deep and lasting work was accomplished by the Holy Ghost.

The great numbers who came to our rallies for the general public overwhelmed us. Young people responded to the gospel by the hundreds, weeping, confessing, calling on the Lord. In Catania, Sicily, the response to my call for people to "step forward and surrender wholly to Christ" was so amazing, we could hardly believe it. Thousands streamed to the front of the Palace Sport Stadium. The majority were of Catholic background.

We will be conducting ministers' conferences in Riga, Latvia, and Kiev, Ukraine, during the middle two weeks in August. Ministers are coming from Estonia, White Russia and other states formerly part of the Soviet Union. Our ministry is very well received worldwide, including Cuba, Albania and countries still unevangelized. This is mostly because of the wide distribution of my book, The Cross and the Switchblade, and the movie version, which is also in many languages. In addition, my messages are posted on web sites all over the world. We are much humbled by it all, God knows.

On another subject, after returning to New York City I faced a decline in giving to our ministry. I couldn't figure it out. There is no panic, and our trust in God is now as great as ever in the past. This past month we added over 60,000 new names to our list of people who receive my monthly messages.

Why the downturn in support? We believe it is because a growing number now receive our messages via Internet. Few Internet readers take time to support our work financially. It has been suggested to me that we charge a small subscription fee for access to our messages. But when I pray about it, I am not at ease about doing this. So many are getting my messages in poor countries, and they cannot afford any fee. So I have decided to simply trust the Lord and pray that Internet readers will support us as the Holy Spirit prompts them. I have learned that if we fully trust the Lord, and not pressure anybody for funds, he will bountifully supply. He always has, and I believe he will do so in the future.

I have mentioned my daily prayers for a city shelter to accommodate homeless mothers and their children. Right now we are looking for a building and preparing a proposal to present to city authorities. This project is my lifetime dream. God is about to fulfill it, just as he did in raising up Teen Challenge as a powerful witness to the world.

Gwen and I send our love and blessings to all our readers and supporters. Please remember us in your prayer times. And support this vital ministry to the needy, as the Spirit prompts and enables you.

God bless and keep all widows, the fatherless, the poor, the elderly and those who are sick and afflicted. May God send his heavenly host to minister to them.

Sein Diener,
David Wilkerson

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