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8. Juli 2002
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Liebe Freunde in Christus,


Our mid-June ministers' conference at Radio City Music Hall was mightily blessed by the Lord. Ministers, spouses and associates came from thirty-five countries. The glory of the Lord fell upon the gathering, and lives were changed, marriages healed, and love for Christ renewed. Many told us they had never been to such a life-changing meeting as this.

The conference was free to all, and not one word was said about money. There were no star preachers, no "how to" seminars - no other agenda but convicting, edifying preaching and exaltation of Christ in praise and worship. So many ministers are hurting. Their wives are stressed out and burdened. In one session, a spirit of weeping came upon the gathering, and the Holy Spirit broke through in healing, cleansing power.

The conference closed with such high praises, so joyful and free. The stage and orchestra pit literally shook. Here are some of the responses we've received:

"Thank you so much for the conference. It was life-changing. The humility of the speakers, the friendliness of the people, and the presence of God were refreshing. Thank you, thank you."

"The event was overwhelmingly spiritual. Even standing in the annex with no service in progress, you could feel the presence of God."

"I told my friends who attended with me that if you'd held the conference for one more day, they would have to send me home in a basket. The Lord just dissected me more and more with each meeting. When I returned home, the Holy spirit told me to go to my wife and children and to confess and ask forgiveness...Not only did God tell me to humble myself before my family; he also told me to do so before the entire church. I did what he required of me, and we all wept."

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

On Sunday, June 16, Gwen and I celebrated our 50th wedding anniversary. The Times Square Church stage was the setting, and it was called "A Celebration of God's Faithfulness." The wedding party included all four children and their mates, along with our eleven grandchildren. It was formal, and Gwen looked radiant. I have included a few pictures on the reverse side.

Our wedding fifty years ago was not as pleasant. The photographer never showed up, and the ring I gave Gwen cost about $35. This time, we had photographers and videos, and I gave Gwen a real diamond. God be praised.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

You can purchase the entire set of conference cassettes (7 audio tapes) for just $15 plus $4 postage. A complete set of video tapes (7 tapes) costs $40 plus $5 postage. These are heart-searching messages about prayer, marriage and walking in truth.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

We are trusting God to move on more readers of my messages - by mail and internet - to help us with missions gifts. It takes so much to carry on these ministries to such needy people. Every gift, large or small, counts.

Sein Diener,
David Wilkerson

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