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The World Challenge Pulpit Series is an inspiring sermon series that is published once every three weeks and taken from actual sermons preached by David Wilkerson at Times Square Church in New York City and sermons preached by his son, Gary Wilkerson at The Springs Church in Colorado Springs. This excellent series is also available on the web in several foreign languages: Great for your personal growth, for sermon material, and wonderful springboard for Bible studies in Sunday school, mid-week and neighborhood Bible studies, nursing home and prison ministries

You may be added to this growing list of readers and receive these messages on a regular basis in your personal e-mailbox or through regular postal delivery. You will find information on how to subscribe at subscrib.html.

Who is David Wilkerson?

David Wilkerson is the author of "The Cross & the Switchblade" and founder of Teen Challenge Christian residential programs, which can now be found around the world. These Christian programs are helping youth and adults struggling with life-controlling problems.

Important - Please Read

Barbara Haas is not a member of David Wilkerson's staff but simply a volunteer who lives many hours away from his ministry location and has no way to relay messages. If you want to contact David Wilkerson, you will need to try to reach him through the World Challenge contact information listed here:

World Challenge
P.O. Box 260
Lindale, Texas 75771
903-963-5601 (Fax)
Donation Site:

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Volunteers Needed

Barbara Haas makes available the World Challenge Pulpit Series through e-mail subscription and is organizing worldwide translation ministry teams. You will see more and more sermons appearing on the Multilingual Site. Unpaid volunteer translators are invited to serve in this worldwide translation ministry.

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If you're trying to find a sermon by David Wilkerson, visit the Sermon Finder page. Clicking "Title" automatically sorts sermon titles in alphabetical order. Otherwise, use the search box to search sermons by title, date, speaker or language.

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David Wilkerson founding pastor Times Square Church New York City

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Leonard Ravenhill—mentor of David Wilkerson

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