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World Challenge Multilingual Ministry Project

My dear willing helpers,

You have all overwhelmed me with your eagerness to help with David Wilkerson's World Challenge Pulpit Series multilingual ministry project here on the Internet.

Form Letter
Please pardon this "form" letter. It's the only way I can keep up with the heavy volume of e-mail the web site is generating. Please understand, I may not be able to respond to you personally at this point, but your offer to help has certainly encouraged my heart!

The information you enter below is vital to the life of this ministry team. It's very important that we have all your pertinent information in one handy file so we can easily contact you. Please don't forget to confirm your e-mail address to make sure it has been typed correctly and do not forget to fill in a second e-mail address that we can use in case your first address fails to work.

Volunteer Groups
Please, if you represent a group of volunteers, make copies of this form and have each volunteer complete the form and return it to me. That way, if any volunteer leaves your group, we will not lose touch with him.

I've created this form to help save time - our most valuable asset. Please provide:

[NOTE: If you're in a hurry or are not able to print this web page, you can request this form to be e-mailed to you, using our handy online form.]

A. Contact Info

1. Your full name:

2. Select one: ___Male ___Female

3. Regular postal mailing address:

4. Your telephone numbers -

5. Fax number -
__Call before trying to fax

6. Your e-mail address(es) -
Regular (confirmed):
(Very important! Perhaps a friend who would allow you to use their e-mail address in an emergency.)

7. Your web address:

8. Are you a born again Christian?

9. What impact has David Wilkerson's ministry had on your life, if any?

Type of help you can offer:
Using the categories below, please select the the type of help you can offer. (See B through F.)

B. Prayer Support

__"I am willing to become a prayer partner, interceding for the needs of volunteers involved in this ministry project":

We need volunteers who would be willing to saturate this entire project with serious prayer - people to pray for volunteers who are experiencing spiritual battles, sickness, computer, software, and Internet connection problems. Anyone involved in fontline ministry like this understands the spiritual warfare that we continually face.

C. Translation Needs

1. __"I have translation skills."

2. __"I have translation polishing skills. I am a professional translator."
For which language(s)?:

3. __"I have already translated sermons of David Wilkerson."
Into which language(s)?:
List sermon titles and dates:

4. __"I know people who have already translated sermons of David Wilkerson":

D. Organization Skills

We are looking for dedicated volunteers with leadership skills who have a burning desire to see the Pulpit Series in their language.

1. __"I have leadership experience."

2. __"I am an organizer."

3. __"I enjoy motivating people."

4. __"I enjoy communicating by e-mail."

5. __"I have a good Internet connection which I can use for personal use."

6. Your native language:

E. Miscellaneous Needs

1. __"I can type into my computer foreign language sermons that are only in print":

Which language(s)?
What is your native language?

As you return this form, please keep the Subject: line of the reply in your mail header as:


Sensitive Info.

If you feel this is sensitive information, please send this completed form to me via an anonymous e-mail address, like those found at or send it to the address below by regular postal mail.

Delighted to serve,
Barbara Haas, Coordinator
World Challenge Pulpit Series Volunteer Team

My Postal Address:
Barbara Haas
P. O. Box 40031
Cleveland, OH 44140-0031

Please visit our new World Challenge Pulpit Series website:


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