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January 17, 2000
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Dearly Beloved:


In my latest book, God's Plan to Protect His People in the Coming Depression, I wrote:

"Our heavenly father wants us to be absolutely convinced from history that his promises to preserve his people always hold true, no matter what we face. It doesn't matter how dark the days become. The financial depression may grow deeper than our worst fears even allow. We may face scarcity to the point that we have to spend entire days on our knees, praying in our provision. Gross darkness may cover the earth. Yet, the fact remains, God will always preserve and protect his children. He wants us to know, 'I've given you a whole Bible's worth of examples, to show you all the ways I've demonstrated my power on behalf of my people. You'll see lessons about my judgment -- but you'll also see lessons about my provision. Just look back, study their history, and learn to trust me.'

"We must learn to heed the Lord's word on this matter. Otherwise, we'll spend our days as unbelieving Israel did -- consumed by panic and grief.

"You don't have to fear a depression, a technological breakdown, or the loss of any provision or security. God says you are a Zionian -- and you've been given ironclad promises that will enable you to live in quiet confidence, no matter what comes."

More than ever, I believe what I have written. God's last call to any nation just prior to judgment is unprecedented prosperity. God inundates a society first, hoping the goodness of the Lord will lead to repentance. Then judgment. It is right at the door. Soon, nobody will be laughing at me -- or at any of those who have been warning.

But my message is also one of great hope. God is going to protect his people in the soon- coming hurricane. We have nothing to fear.

Your financial help right now will be greatly appreciated. Our needs in this widespread charitable ministry continue. Thanks for caring.

His bondservant,
David Wilkerson


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