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David Wilkerson Can you help us out?

Would you like to see the World Challenge Pulpit Series in many languages? You can help make it happen! Volunteers are needed to pray, publicize, check for faulty links, translate, type a foreign language, design simple web pages, and coordinate foreign teams - without deadlines.

To learn more about this work-at-your-own-pace opportunity for worldwide ministry, follow this link to the Multiple Language Project. To view what's already been done, click on the World Challenge Pulpit Series banner at the top of this page.

Contacting David Wilkerson

David Wilkerson's ministry now has an e-mail address. I am not a member of his staff, but simply a volunteer who lives many hours away from his ministry location and I have no way to relay messages. If you want to contact David Wilkerson, you will need to try to reach him through the World Challenge contact information listed here:

World Challenge
1125 Kelly Johnson Blvd, Suite 321
Colorado Springs, CO 80920 - USA

Phone (719) 487-7888
Fax     (719) 487-7881

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David Wilkerson's Biography
Summit International School of Ministry (formerly Mount Zion)
Times Square Church
Tribute to David Wilkerson
Tribute to "Mom" Wilkerson

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David Wilkerson: The Cross, the Switchblade, and the Man Who Believed
Giving Hope an Address: The Teen Challenge Legacy Story

Various Online Articles, Mini-Books & Tracts by David Wilkerson

"Chicken" (Print from web)
"Driven to Darkness!" - on Christian Rock (Print from web)
"Christian Maturity Series"
"Rock Bottom" (Print from web)
"Prison Houses" (Print from web)
"Sipping Saints" (Print from web)
"Trapped!" (Print from web)
"Two of Me" (Print from web)
"You Can Have a Miracle!" (Print from web)

Reprint Policy

You may copy our newsletters as long as you adhere to the following stipulations:

  1. They are to be copied in their entirety without editing.
  2. They are to be for free distribution only.
  3. Proper acknowledgement must be given:

Permission granted by:
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However, this material is NOT to be posted or transmitted publically/electronically on ANY website, web page or ftp site other than: or For more information, write


Large Print
Someone complained to me about the small print on these sermons World Challenge sends out in the mail. Anyone who downloads the sermons from the Internet or simply prints them out from their e-mailbox (if you're an online subscriber), could simply highlight the entire text of the sermon, select a larger font, and PRESTO! They'd have a bigger font and easier-to-read sermon which would be wonderful for senior citizens and the vision impaired. By the way, it would be a wonderful ministry to pass out these sermons in nursing homes.

Spread the Word!
Here's another great idea! Print out these sermons and use them as springboards for Bible study in Bibles studies in the home and church and also in Sunday school. These messages are especially effective for use in prisons. You see, the Times Square Church, where David Wilkerson preaches these sermons, is made up of former drug addicts, alcoholics, prostitutes, street people, etc. So don't neglect using them in prisons and jails. These folks want to hear the truth; don't deprive them!

The newsletters are now available in braille. Introduce a blind friend to this rich spiritual resource.

Too Many Pages?
If you're printing these sermons from the web site and wish there weren't so many pages to print, I suggest you e-mail World Challenge at and ask them to sign you up for a paper subscription. The paper edition comes in a four-page format.

Text Readers
"There are several 'text readers' on the market today. Basically, what these computer programs do is read what is displayed on your computer screen. The voice is rather expressionless but have been improved upon over the past few years.

"I have a program called 'WillowTalk.' A demo can be downloaded for you to try out for 30 days.

"I've been taping David Wilkerson's sermons from the computerized speech program and playing them while away from the computer. This is also an excellent means in studying a foreign language. For example, I often record a sermon in English--play it back while reading the Russian translation." (Submitted by Erlon Bailey.)

Have Another Tip?
Say, if you'd like to add another tip here, write me.

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