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January 04, 1999
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Dearly Beloved:

God be praised!

Jesus said perilous times would come - frightening times of chaos and calamity. These events would be so grievous, men's hearts would fail them as they see them unfold. I believe these very times are upon us.

I don't care if the stock market recovers and explodes over 10,000 points! I'm convinced this nation is headed straight into a depression. God's mercy-call to America will very soon turn into a call for judgment.

But there is good news for God's holy people - hopeful, exciting news! And I believe once we lay hold of this news, we won't have to worry about understanding the coming events or knowing the details of what is ahead. Instead, we'll be able to rest in peace as we see prophetic events unfolding.

My book God's Plan To Protect His People in the Coming Depression is now published and available. The following quote from this book explains in part my heart's burden on this matter: I sought God earnestly to know how he planned to protect us when the depression strikes America.

"...I have sought the Lord diligently about my responsibility to my congregation at Times Square Church concerning the coming crash. I prayed for weeks about what I should do to prepare them for the difficult days ahead. One day I took a walk along a quiet country road, so I could be alone with the Lord to discern his voice. I started my walk at about dusk, and there was a bright moon overhead. As I walked along, I began to think about what I believe is coming...

"A few years before the Gulf War, I warned there would be five hundred fires burning in the Middle East. Most people winked at my words. But as a result of the war, there were precisely five hundred and three fires consuming Kuwaiti oil wells, all set aflame by Saddam Hussein. That and many other warnings I've received have come to pass. So these days I listen intently when the Lord is speaking to me about coming events.

"On the country road that night, I was seeing in my mind's eye New York City burning in flames. I saw more than a thousand fires burning at one time - an image I had seen before. There were riots, bloodshed, tanks rolling into the streets, troops wielding rifles in an attempt to restore order. People were mobbing grocery stores for provisions, looting merchants, raging out of control. I realized that when riots come, there will be no food left in grocery stores. Computer disasters will affect their jobs and paychecks. Violence on the streets could keep them shut up in their homes, perhaps for weeks.

"I became so overwhelmed at these thoughts that I had to grab onto a rail fence to support myself. I started weeping, crying out to the Lord, 'Oh, God, how can I prepare these devoted people for such devastation? They all can't just pick up everything and flee the city. Most have no car, no transportation and little income. They struggle just to pay rent and buy subway tokens, much less to buy hideaways in Vermont or Montana. They have no family outside the city, no hiding place, very little space to lay up supplies for emergencies. Most live in cramped apartments that are already overcrowded with the bare essentials. Please, Father - give us a word, a plan of survival. What can I do as a pastor? You've told me to warn them about what's coming. Why can't you give me your plan for preserving us? What do you want me to tell your people?'

"The Lord heard my cry, and he gave me a comforting word. He whispered to my heart, 'David, you're seeing this whole matter from your point of view. Let me show you mine.'"

(From Chapter Three - "Preparing for Hard Times")

God's Plan To Protect His People in the Coming Depression is not a book of financial advice. You will be disappointed if that is what you hope for. But if you love God's word and you believe God still speaks to his people today, you will certainly find here God's plan of protection in the coming depression.

The opening chapter includes a look back at the Great Depression of the 1930s and how America is making the same mistakes that precipitated that ten-year-long economic disaster. Also, other chapters include "The Preservation of Zion," "Protection in the Coming Storm," "The Antichrist, Armageddon, and the Mark of the Beast," and "Will God Revive His Church in the Coming Crisis?"

You may order your copy - or copies - by filling out the enclosed order form. Or you may order by phone on your credit card (MasterCard or Visa only).

To order by phone call 903-963-8626 between the office hours of 9 a.m. and 4:30 p.m. Central time. Please allow two to three weeks for delivery. The cost is $8 per copy plus postage and handling. (Ask about a discount for orders of 10 copies or more.)

When you place your order, we would deeply appreciate your missions gift to help our ministry to the needy here in the inner city.

God bless you!

His bondservant,
David Wilkerson


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