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December 27, 1999
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Dearly Beloved:


I want to thank God for all the wonderful people who have supported us so faithfully this past year -- and even years before. This ministry is supported by faith alone, with no other help than the prayers and missions gifts of caring friends. We have learned over the years that if we do God's work his way, he will always meet the needs. And he has answered our prayers in miraculous ways.

We have one of the largest mailing lists in the country, and every year thousands more people ask to be added. I count it a great privilege to minister by mail to so many spiritually hungry believers, including many pastors and their wives.

Every day, in prayer, I check my heart, my motives. Have I diligently prayed personally for all who write, asking for prayer? Did we read every letter mailed to us, with open minds and hearts -- heeding the correction, taking advice, willing to admit the times we got ahead of God? Have we been faithful never to take the spoil of the poor into our own houses? Did we speak about our financial needs honestly, without manipulation or coercion? Was our motive to bless and edify the readers, expecting nothing in return? Did we ever cut off a widow or the poor from our mailing list because they could not send any money?

I can say, before our holy, righteous God -- we have judged ourselves on all these matters, and we can rejoice that our Lord has helped us not to stray from his righteous path. We do read all our mail. And we do pray daily for every prayer request. We can't name each request, but we pray over the letters, laying hands on them and praying in faith. We do not pressure anybody for money. I can't answer every letter of advice or correction, but I can assure you that I listen. I accept rebuke, and I believe that is why this ministry is debt free and multitudes are being saved. Addicts, alcoholics and the homeless are turning to the Lord -- not because of any goodness in us, but because we are set to obey and do the Lord's will.

We enjoy reading every letter. We read them by the hundreds, and even by the thousands. That is Gwen's full-time ministry.

We need your prayers and support this coming year. If we are a ministry worthy of Christ, he will show you by the Spirit how to help.

Thanks -- and God bless you in the coming days.

His bondservant,
David Wilkerson


P.S. If you want a tax deduction for giving in 1999, your check must be dated and postmarked no later than December 31, 1999.

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