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World Challenge Cover Letter

June 12, 1998

Dearly Beloved:

God is faithful!

I have felt an urgency to get this book into the hands of God's people as quickly as possible. The storm clouds are gathering over America much faster than any of us could have believed. Yet God never sends His swift judgments without first warning His people. This book is one of many warnings going out through the land today - many of these warnings from the secular media.

Beloved, the American dream is about to become the American nightmare! And I tell you tearfully, soon, very soon - when God's fist smashes our economy - America will never again be the same! Incredible changes are coming and God's people need to be prepared spiritually for the upheavals ahead.

There is a lot of hope in my book! It is all founded on Scripture - with abundant Bible proof! This is not a book about visions, dreams or special revelations. It is a book that takes you into God's Word to prove how and when He must chasten and judge!

I believe I have proven conclusively that prosperity is His last call just prior to awesome judgment. We have been deluged with letters from many people on our mailing list who are hearing and seeing the very same thing I am preaching. It encourages me to know there are so many who are discerning the times and have been alerted by the Holy Spirit that America's day of reckoning has come. This has been such a great confirmation for the publishing of this book.

Just today the Wall Street Journal had these headlines: "Life Boat Drills on Wall Street" - the warning was given to fund investors. "Think ugly. Really ugly .. a nasty hit ... the market can turn suddenly stormy .. be prepared should the market fall and not recover quickly, but heads precipitously lower." They are even now practicing for a "Titanic-like" disaster.

I do not get a single dollar from this book. Any and all proceeds will go into our ministry to meet the needs of our charitable outreaches to the lost in New York City. You may want to order extra copies for your pastor, friends and family. If so, please call our office at 903-963-8626 for greatly reduced prices for quantities of 25, 50, 100 or more.

May God bless this book - and awaken His people.

His bondservant,
David Wilkerson

DW:bbm 6-12-1998

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