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Even You Can Help!

"Hold on! I don't have time to read all this. I want to help right now!"

Please! If you have sermons by David Wilkerson in other languages, write us so David Wilkerson's Internet foreign language ministry teams can prepare them for viewing on the web.

We are following strict guidelines from Times Square Church. All sermons are being kept on one central web site. We would be delighted to have you link to this site.

We need the work you have already done so our volunteer team members won't spend countless hours needlessly duplicating your efforts.

David Wilkerson's Internet multilingual translation ministry project is moving forward! You can see the progress at

Please feel free to copy this message and send it to others.

Here's How You Can Help

A. Prayer Support

We need volunteers who would be willing to saturate this entire project with serious prayer - people to pray for volunteers who are experiencing spiritual battles, sickness, computer, software, and Internet connection problems. Anyone involved in fontline ministry like this understands the spiritual warfare that we continually face.

B. Translation Needs

We need skilled volunteers to translate or polish sermon translations.

No deadlines will be involved. No pressure will be put on you. This will be a work-at-your-own-pace opportunity for worldwide ministry.

We need volunteers who have already translated any of David Wilkerson's writings into another language. The work you've already done can now reach so many more people.

C. Foreign Typists

We need volunteers who can type handwritten foreign translations into a computer. Please let us know if you can help in this area.

Complete our Volunteer Application.

To receive a copy of our Volunteer Application, send a blank e-mail message with the exact Subject: line as follows: TSPS : CONTACT INFO - MULTIPLE LANGUAGE PROJECT

Sensitive Info.

If you feel this is sensitive information, please send this completed form to us at the address below via regular postal mail.

Please write us if you can help.

Summary of Needs

Can you meet any of these needs? Or perhaps you see another place where your skills will fit in.
If you'd like to help in this worldwide ministry, please write us.


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