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May 31, 1999
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Dearly Beloved:


Recently I prayed with a dear sister in the Lord who is dying of cancer. She had been in great pain for many weeks. But what a beautiful testimony she is to all who know her. No complaining. No sorrow. No questioning of the Lord's greatness and faithfulness. She told me she feels a magnetic pull toward Jesus and that she is now more "there with Christ" than here on earth. She blessed me with her rejoicing hope and rest in the Lord.

I heard a very righteous minister say, "I just want to finish my work and get out of here." Some thought he was being unthankful for the gift of life. But the apostle Paul said almost the same thing. His constant desire was to be with the Lord. So it is with me. Every day I say to Jesus, "I love my family and I thank you for life. But there is nothing here that satisfies -- not family, houses, land or wealth. Nothing here can touch my need. This is not the real world -- it's only like a mirage. I long to be with you, Lord, in the ultimate reality...."

Beloved, there is one thing I fear more than any other thing in this life -- and that is the sin of covetousness. It is a damning sin. A love for the things of this world and a lust for more and better material possessions has enslaved the hearts of many Christians. People can't seem to get enough and their debt is piling up. They think our nation's prosperity will never end. Americans have gone mad with acquisitiveness. We're now on a spending spree that has baffled knowledgeable experts.

Jesus warned us to hold lightly to the things of this world. We're to give him thanks for his blessings and to give generously to the needs of the poor. But we are never to let anything of this world steal our hearts. We have to be willing to lose it all, yet rejoice in his faithfulness. God does not want us to feel guilty for his blessings upon us, as long as we do not consume them all on ourselves and our family, and we keep it all at arms' length.

Here in New York City at Times Square Church, thousands in our congregation are fasting and praying. We are laying hold of God -- beseeching him to never allow us to forsake our first love for him. We fast and pray for the continual manifestation of the presence of Jesus in every meeting. And we pray over all the prayer requests mailed to us.

Your continued support -- both spiritual and financial -- is vital, and we are very thankful for the help God sends us through praying saints.

God love and bless you.

His bondservant,
David Wilkerson


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