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June 1, 1998
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Dearly Beloved:

May God's grace and mercy be with you always!

Gwen and I have been reading many hundreds of letters from readers - Gwen reads them six days a week. We so often read these words, "You probably won't read this, but I'm writing just the same." But we do read the letters personally. Gwen tries to personally answer letters from the elderly. Many elderly saints are on our mailing list.

Something awesome has happened in the mail we are now getting. God's faithful ones are telling us they, too, have an inner knowing that our nation is headed for a chastening from the Lord. They are not fooled by the present wave of prosperity. As one sister put it, "I don't know where they get those outlandish statistics that most Americans no longer care about morals, so long as there is prosperity. We in mid-America are concerned! I do not know of a single person in my community who thinks our leaders can be immoral and be excused because they have helped the nation to prosper. We do care! And if eighty percent do not care, then God help this nation! We are really in trouble!"

Beloved, it's time to pray! It's time to seek the Lord with fervency and faith. And our prayers should not be focused on beseeching the Lord to keep prospering us. We ought to be shut in with the Lord, getting to know Him more intimately - getting to know His still, small voice getting prepared for the days ahead!

What is the Lord saying to you? Is the Holy Spirit impressing on you that God is soon going to judge this sin-saturated nation? We would truly like to hear what the Lord is telling you because I believe the Spirit of God is speaking clearly to multitudes of His precious children. These letters have mightily encouraged me to speak out, preaching and publishing warnings.

Every Tuesday our pastoral staff meets in my office for prayer. We lay hands on all the prayer requests and we pray very diligently that God will answer the heart cry of all who have shared their burdens with us. This is serious business with us - it is not a gimmick to raise funds.

As you know, we say very little about money. And yet God has been moving on the hearts of our readers in a blessed and profound way. We minister to the addicted, the abandoned mothers, the hungry - and every week there is a sufficiency. God has been meeting our needs through the power of prayer. May God be greatly praised!

His bondservant,
David Wilkerson

P.O. Box 260
Lindale, Texas 75771

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