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May 10, 1999
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Dearly Beloved:


In the past year, I have written and released two books warning of an economic crash I believe is fast approaching this nation. I warned in AMERICA'S LAST CALL that the stock market could climb much higher before the fall occurs. As of this writting, the stock market is over 10,500 -- but I don't care if it zooms over 2,000 or more points; I believe more than ever that a crash is inevitable.

I believe what I write: that America is receiving its last mercy call, even as God pleads in his goodness that we repent and change our evil ways. What could this be but a mercy call, when we have literally out-lawed God from our society? We have pushed him out of our schools and replaced him with new age philosophies, condoms, homosexual teaching and abortion rights for teenage girls.

I must tell you in all honesty -- I wonder how God can be so patient with us, as he views the violence, bloodshed and mockery of all that is sacred and holy. Why is God allowing this nation to be an island of prosperity in a time when other nations are facing financial ruin? Do you wonder as I do why God has not said, "America, your cup of iniquity is full! I must deal with you now as I did with Sodom, with the wicked Roman Empire and with all past societies that turned away from me."

I respect my country, but I also know my Bible. I know that no nation can continue shedding innocent blood and not be judged. I have been called a doomsayer, a fanatic who cannot see all the good things about America. It no longer matters to me what anybody says; I am telling all who will listen that America is going into a frightening depression! The stock market is going to crash with amazing suddenness, and speculators are going to be bankrupted. The suffering is going to be horrendous!

I challenge you, if you are a praying person, to spend a few hours a day shut in with God, fast two or three days, then ask the Lord what is about to happen to our country. You will hear what I and hundreds of thousands of other praying believers have heard: "Get ready! Use the good time remaining to get out of debt as much as possible. And get back to your first love for Jesus. Judgment is at the door!"

In closing, I want to thank all the friends and supporters of our ministry to the inner city here in New York. We made a pledge to the Lord we would not pressure his people to give, nor would we use emotional, carnal methods to raise support. We pray, we fast, and God has never failed us. Our huge needs are met every week and we are debt-free.

Thanks for your regular monthly prayer and financial support.

Love in Christ.

His bondservant,
David Wilkerson


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