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July 13, 1998
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Dearly Beloved:

God be praised! May I share with you something that is on my heart? What I want to share could be considered a loving warning. Our readers know I have been warning about an impending financial holocaust coming to the U.S.

Many of you may have read my book, AMERICA'S LAST CALL, and you know what I have been warning about to all who will listen. Twenty-five years ago, in a book entitled THE VISION, I warned that Japan would fall into economic chaos and that soon afterward it would strike our nation. At that time, Japan was not an economic superpower. Yet it is happening just as I have been warning for all of these years. And now, it is almost upon us. I have been hearing from Wall Street brokers, currency traders, business leaders - and they all agree with me that a crash is imminent.

What troubles me is this: If the market takes a deep plunge and fluctuates wildly in the near future, I believe it may come roaring back and get white-hot again. There could be a period of wild speculation such as never seen before. One-third of the world is now in deep recession or depression, and America seems to be the only safe haven for many. Our nation could be inundated with dollars from these crippled countries as the wealthy and the business world seek to hold onto assets. This ocean of cash could lead to runaway real-estate prices and wild speculation on Wall Street.

Do not be fooled by a strong comeback on Wall Street. I believe a part of God's judgment on America and other nations is a judicial blindness upon government leaders and the entire business community. This, coupled with a spirit of greed, will end up in reckless risktaking and a bloated, unsustainable, false boom.

My Christian friends, use this short period of prosperity to get your house in order. Get out of as much debt as you possibly can. Do not get drawn into another boom time. It Is going to crash one day! These words will long be remembered: "Soon, all sellers----no buyers!" This is no time to borrow or go in debt.

God already has in place a plan to sustain, keep and protect those who fully trust in him. All through the centuries, he has provided food and shelter for his children. As for the body of Christ, the days ahead, though trying, will in many ways be the best of times, especially for evangelism. Be of good cheer - God has everything under control!

Your comments and missions gift for our charitable ministries would be greatly appreciated. Our needs are tremendous, but God has been so faithful. Again, thanks.

His bondservant,
David Wilkerson

P.O. Box 260
Lindale, Texas 75771

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