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January 18, 1999
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Dearly Beloved:

May the peace of God be yours at all times!

Please permit me to speak a few things on my mind.

  • I warned in my book, America's Last Call, that Brazil would collapse financially, taking with it most of South America. Today Brazil devalued its currency, and the nation's top banking official resigned. We are witnessing the beginning of an ever-deepening recession in South America. It is happening just as I warned.
  • Internet stocks have skyrocketed beyond all reason. These stocks are ballooning just as radio stocks did in 1929 prior to the crash. Radio was the new technology of that day. Today, Internet stock is the most ominous bubble of all time - and it is going to burst soon. It will take down with it much of the market. Perhaps this will happen before you get this letter. Yet even if it keeps going up, this bubble is like a balloon: the bigger it gets, the thinner its walls, and the bigger its eventual bang.
  • I have been asked, "Do you still say a depression is soon to hit the United States, even though the market has rebounded to over 9,500 points (January 9)?" My answer is, "Yes - more than ever!" I've been saying for months that the market could rebound as high as 10,000 points. But the day is not far off that it will crash. And it will cause the worst time of panic in America's history.
  • Almost every economic forecaster is now saying, "1999 will be a good year - IF...." IF there is no economic breakdown in Latin America. IF there are no other surprises. Yet these big IFs are unknown. I believe the big IF we'll see is a sudden, unexpected panic! It will be fueled by fear, and in a very short time there will be a race for the exits.
  • I thank God every day now that he has provided a plan to protect his people in the coming storm. If you have ordered my latest book, God's Plan To Protect His People in the Coming Depression, and you still do not believe a depression is imminent, make sure you keep the book handy. One day in the not-too-distant future, you will need it. Our ministry is busy filling many hundreds of orders daily.
  • I want to thank all of those who have taken the time to write to us. Your letters, notes and words of encouragement have greatly blessed us. Every letter is read! We take to heart the prayer requests also, and we pray earnestly over them all.

Also, thanks to the readers who help us bear the financial burdens of this ministry. We have faithful supporters, and we praise God for such loving and prayerful giving. He is supplying every need - just as he promised!

Love in Christ -

His bondservant,
David Wilkerson


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