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October 26, 1998
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Dearly Beloved:

God is faithful!

Today, as I write this letter, my heart is broken and I weep inside. Tonight at eight o'clock, the filthy play Corpus Christi opens just a few blocks from Times Square Church. In this play, Jesus is openly depicted as homosexual, having a sexual affair with Judas and all his disciples. On stage He places a "wide-mouthed" kiss on Judas's lips, according to news accounts. I cannot describe my inner grief. Thousands will be picketing the theater, but the play will go on - sponsored in part by your tax dollars.

I asked the Lord how our church could fight back. The Holy Spirit spoke very clearly to my heart, saying---"Do not fight. This is my battle! This is now out of your hands - out of everybody's hands! Today God signs the death warrant - this is the day America dies! It dies as the world's leading power!" Beloved, God has a tear in His eye! Angels weep! Sinners are once again crucifying afresh the Son of God - our beloved Savior. In today's paper is a quote from a Broadway producer who boasted he is going to put the show right on Broadway. That would mean this blasphemy would be at the doorstep of our church.

Beloved - this is war! And God will not sit idly by and let this ungodly society turn His holy Son into a promiscuous homosexual. What arrogance! Surely, New York City and the nation have gone too far - this is the last act of impudence. Our economy is doomed!

Hear me well: The depression I have warned about is upon us! This very day, which I call "The day America died," Merrill Lynch announced it is laying off over 3,000 workers. The headlines here in New York read, "Fear Shatters Wall Street." God has given a loud, clear message about the judgments ahead. New York City is now under God's curse. The crime rate that was falling will now escalate. Again today in a New York paper a headline read, "Mexican Gangs Beginning to Terrorize City." We now face the worst unemployment ever! We face rioting! We face terrorism and the loss of many lives. New York City is soon going to be Fear City!

All of this tells me Jesus is coming! It tells me God is wrapping things up - and Jesus said His people are to rejoice when they see these judgments - because redemption day is at hand. Meanwhile, we minister to the needy; we labor to reach the lost with hope and trust in our Lord.

I am going to release my new book before December entitled God's Plan To Keep His People in the Coming Depression. We will notify you when the book is ready.

Beloved, you know I say very little about finances - but we need the regular monthly support of many more readers of my messages. We are ministering to the addicted, the hungry and the homeless. To this very day, God has been faithful and we are debt free. Thank you for your support.

Love in Christ!

His bondservant,
David Wilkerson

P.O. Box 260
Lindale, Texas 75771

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