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October 5, 1998
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Dearly Beloved:

May God give you faith, hope and peace!

Beloved, please heed carefully what you are about to read. Just less than five months ago the Holy Spirit prompted me to quickly finish and publish my book, America's Last Call. The stock market was at an all-time high. The day the book was released, the market started at 9,300 points. I experienced such an urgency to warn that a financial meltdown was imminent.

As I write this letter to you, the market is off nearly 20% and falling. There may be a greater plunge - or the market will fluctuate wildly for a season. But I tell you - with a broken heart - the next three months are going to be ominous and shattering here in America. A full-blown depression is soon coming to this nation - and the whole world. It cannot be avoided. America and the world are now leaderless. We could be closer to the end than any of us could imagine. Out of worldwide chaos, there will come a cry for a powerful leader to restore order. How quickly things are moving in that direction.

Now - I feel an even greater urgency to release another book I've been prayerfully working on for months entitled God's Plan To Keep His People in the Coming Depression. I got this book on my knees, shut in with God. I do not write books to make money. I did not take a single dollar from America's Last Call. The Holy Spirit let me know that it is not enough simply to warn God's people of the perilous times coming, but that it is also imperative that I seek the Lord for a message of hope and deliverance for the Lord's bride through the awful storms.

The book will be published and released by November 15. 1 will let all our readers know when it is ready to be ordered. In my book I will show you conclusively that God has made a covenant to keep his people through it all. I am going to prove to you that you have absolutely nothing to fear about a depression, or antichrist, or Armageddon or the mark of the beast.

May I give you some very important counsel? The worst thing you can do is let fear overwhelm you. Multitudes of Christians are going to be so taken with fear that they will stop tithing - they will stop giving to God's work, trying to save up something in case of a collapse. Those who have been with me over the years can trust that I am not trying to boost our finances. I have never had to do that and never will, God helping me. But God still keeps books and you are going to be calling on Him to keep His word to you. He expects you and me to honor His word in turn. Do not shut your bowels of compassion. As you give to others - He will give to you. The selfish and the covetous will be dealt with in kind. Wherever you give - keep giving. God is no liar when He admonishes, "Give, and it shall be given unto you" (Luke 6:38).

Love in Christ.

His bondservant,
David Wilkerson

P.O. Box 260
Lindale, Texas 75771

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