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August 24, 1998
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Dearly Beloved:

Praise God for the victory in Jesus Christ our Lord!

We have been overwhelmed with orders for my latest book, America's Last Call, and we quickly got back-ordered by 100,000 books. We are now into our third printing and we have caught up on all present orders. If your order has not yet arrived - it should be in the mail. I apologize for the delay - and if you do not receive your order soon, please write and let me know.

Many who have received and read their book have been kind enough to write and share with me their thoughts. They tell me I put into words the very things God had shown them - that this nation is soon to experience a frightful time of chastening by the hand of the Lord.

One couple wrote, "Bro. David, we have a local Christian station that features prophecy. We are seeing strange reactions to these prophetic voices. One party we know is selling their home because 'everything is going to be over soon anyhow.' Some are misinterpreting the prophetic word. We are simply praying that God will not let us be deceived and that we will hear His voice clearly."

Beloved, do not become preoccupied with the impending calamities or financial ruin looming ahead. Keep focused on Jesus - and He promises to guard, keep and secure His people. It would be grievous to the Lord if we move in fear. We must resign our lives, our families into His caring hands.

I am half finished with another book which I hope to publish shortly entitled The Preservation of Zion - God's Plan to Keep His Children Through the Coming Storm. It is a sound, biblical book on how God has promised to keep His own people through even a worldwide depression. It is also about the mark of the beast and why overcoming Christians need never fear it or even give it any thought. I will prove the mark of the beast revealed in the Revelation to John has nothing to do with God's people who already have the mark of Jesus Christ on their forehead. I am so excited about this book - it will bring hope and great peace to all believers who are devoted to Christ.

Finally, we are thrilled that God enabled us to mail out thousands of free books to the elderly, the widows, the prisoners and the unemployed. Some wonderful readers made it possible with generous gifts. Thank you all.

Some have wanted to know why we do not send out financial appeals - or pressure our readers by mail or calls. My answer: we pray in every dollar! I spend a lot of hours praying for the needs of others - for the needs in New York City, for the poor and hurting - and God has never failed. Also, we trust God fully. He has never once failed. There is always someone God moves upon - and the needs are met. To God be all the glory!

His bondservant,
David Wilkerson

P.O. Box 260
Lindale, Texas 75771

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