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August 3, 1998
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Dearly Beloved:

God is good and greatly to be praised!

Our office is working overtime to fulfill all the orders for my new book, America's Last Call. We apologize if you have not yet received your copy, but be assured it is coming. We have been swamped with orders and have had to order an extra 150,000 copies. And, we have not yet made the book available to bookstores. We hope to make them available to them in about thirty days. Thank you for your patience.

I have been receiving letters now from business leaders, CEO's and presidents of corporations - all confirming what I am saying about an impending financial breakdown. I have had non-religious business leaders tell me personally, "Reverend, I am frightened. This bubble-economy is about to burst. America is facing a disaster!"

Let me tell you what alarms me. A few weeks ago I preached these warnings at a ministers' conference in Dallas, Texas. Yesterday I received a letter from a pastor who attended and he told me he overheard a minister say, "I hope the preachers here have better sense than to preach this stuff to their congregations!" I received letters from a number of lay people who attended the conference, telling me the message stirred them up to pray, to try and get out of debt, and to wean themselves from materialism. Sadly, some of the pastors ridiculed the message. God help those blind pastors when it all comes down and they have not prepared their people.

I am now seeking God diligently for messages and a book about how God plans to care for His people in perilous times. I believe what a great Puritan pastor wrote, "It is not enough for a messenger of Christ to warn of coming judgments and chastenings; he must also declare God's loving care and maintenance of His people in those dark times."

May God remove all fear out of our hearts. We have a Bible full of testimonies revealing His miraculous methods of deliverance and protection in the very worst of times!

Pray for us here in Times Square, New York City. We are ministering each week to many thousands. We are feeding the hungry, clothing the poor, caring for widows, addicts, alcoholics, fatherless children, street-wise teenagers, unwed mothers and single addicted mothers with children. We also have about 125 students at our Bible school being trained to serve lost humanity.

It is all being accomplished by faith - and God has never failed to meet our many needs. We are debt free - and the regular monthly gifts of faithful readers help us to purchase food and pay all expenses.

It has been so exciting to see God provide without any begging - with no pressure - just by prayer and simple faith.

Thank you.

His bondservant,
David Wilkerson

P.O. Box 260
Lindale, Texas 75771

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