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December 7, 1998

Dearly Beloved:

May the Lord's blessing be upon you!

I trust that our 1999 Pocket Promise Calendar will prove to be a great blessing to you every day of the year. In the days ahead, God's Word will become more and more precious to those who love and trust the Lord.

Many readers have asked me to comment on the Y2K problem. I have been surprised that so many have not yet heard of this impending crisis. According to the Merrill Lynch Forum, the following is possible:

"When the millennium arrives, the year 2000 computer problem will cause computer systems and global networks to fail because of an inability to properly interpret dates beyond 1999. Thousands of computers, running everything from telephone networks to financial markets, are threatened with failure... It appears increasingly likely that January 1, 2000, could witness an unprecedented global series of coincidences....

"As dawn breaks in Sydney, Australia, a man waiting for his train discovers that all commuter service is canceled because of a computer failure in the control center. Hours later, as Japan begins its day, an error in a central telephone switch causes Tokyo to lose all communication with the outside world. In London, a food distributor's computers order the destruction of its entire inventory, believing that the food is 100 years old.

"In the U.S., the Federal government's computers lose track of welfare recipients, delaying millions of payments. Actually, these events are linked by much more than a simple coincidence. The first day of the 21st century conceivably could bring digital systems - and with them much of the world - to a virtual halt. What sounds like science fiction may become harsh reality."

Other authorities are saying,

> "Y2K may disrupt the delivery of essential public services throughout the nation...." "... It does sound as if lives would be at risk...."

> "There isn't a single financial institution, securities firm or insurance company that is year 2000 compliant today...."

> "Banks could collapse if they fail to eradicate the millennium bug from their computer systems," said the Bank of International Settlements.

> "This is not a prediction - it is a certainty...there will be serious devastation in the world's financial service industry," said one banker who predicted a worldwide crash in the middle of 1999.

What do I believe about all of this? I believe it could be that which dramatically helps precipitate the depression I have been warning about. It may not happen in January 2000 - but I believe in the following months of that year, ominous things will develop as the seriousness of the problem dawns on the world community.

Years ago I sent out a warning entitled "Destroyed by a Moth," based on Isaiah 51:8: "The moth (which is a bug) shall eat them up like a garment, and the worm (bug) shall eat them like wool." We have worshipped and idolized our technology - and how ironic that our nation could be humbled, not by a mighty army, but by a bug - a worm - a moth eating away at the cloth of our technology! Amazing! What an awesome God we serve!

A closing word - thank you, all who have written and who have sent support recently. What a blessing - what a load is being lifted from our shoulders. You, by the Holy Spirit, who regularly and faithfully pray for us and support our charitable outreaches are our lifeline. Thanks to all who have responded. Love in Christ.

His bondservant,
David Wilkerson

P.S. My book, God's Plan To Keep His People in the Coming Depression, goes to press in about three weeks. We will notify our readers when it is available. Also, if you want a tax deduction for giving in 1998, your check should be dated and postmarked no later than December 31, 1998.

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