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November 16, 1998
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Dearly Beloved:

God be praised now and forever!

Today, November 2, 1998, the stock market is gaining lost ground - up already about 10% from its recent low. May I remind you of what I said in my letter four months ago. I quote:

What troubles me is this: If the market takes a deep plunge and fluctuates wildly in the near future, I believe it may come roaring back and get white-hot again. There could be a period of wild speculation such as never seen before. One-third of the world is now in deep recession or depression, and America seems to be the only safe haven for many. Our nation could be inundated with dollars from these crippled countries, as the wealthy and the business world seek to hold onto assets. This ocean of cash could lead to runaway real estate prices and wild speculation on Wall Street. Do not be fooled by a strong comeback on Wall Street. I believe a part of God's judgment on America and other nations is a judicial blindness upon government leaders and the entire business community. This, coupled with a spirit of greed, will end up in reckless risk-taking and a bloated, unsustainable, false boom.

It is happening just as I warned. This is a fool's market and it is being manipulated. I stand stronger than ever in what I believe is coming. Don't be fooled! Use these times to get as debt free as possible.

Now - a praise report: Corpus Christi, the blasphemous play that depicts Jesus as a homosexual having an affair with Judas and indulging in sexual relations with his disciples, was trashed by nearly all Broadway critics. They called it stupid, senseless and not worth crossing the street to see. Thank God it will not make it to Broadway. It will soon close - a total failure. I believe our prayers helped move hearts against it. Still, God will not forget that such a wicked attack on his Son was permitted to open on stage.

A comment on another subject: Sunday's New York Times featured a story about the mood of a majority of Americans - upbeat, hungering for security, enjoying what they have - and not wanting to hear any bad news about the economy or anything that could threaten their lifestyle. It makes me wonder how many Christians feel the same way.

One Christian man wrote, "I am so weary of your doom and gloom writings. I intend to borrow-spend, and I will not allow myself to be put in fear by your kind of preaching. Your latest book, America's Last Call, is nothing but fear-mongering. You are no watchman! You speak your own mind - not God's!"

Only 15% of all the thousands who receive my messages ever respond or help us with support - and that has made me wonder if many others feel the same way. I thank God so much for those who do write to us, who send words of encouragement - and those who trust our ministry with their prayer requests. But I am truly baffled that so few respond after I have so faithfully ministered to them through my messages.

Still, we glorify the Lord for his goodness. We do have faithful friends - we are still debt free - and our faith is as strong as ever. He will not fail to meet all our needs as we labor to help the needy, the addicted and the hungry. God bless and keep you is my prayer.

His bondservant,
David Wilkerson

P.S. If you want a tax deduction for giving in 1998, your check should be dated and postmarked no later than December 31, 1998.

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