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October 25, 1999
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Dearly Beloved:


My office overlooks Broadway and all of Times Square. It has perhaps one of the best views of the area, and I am overlooking the square as I write this. Just ahead of me I see the building from which the ball will be lowered in ten seconds' time on New Year's Eve, before an anticipated crowd of 2 million people, coming to bring in the new millennium.

New Year's Eve at Times Square will be a time of drinking, partying and celebrating -- and God will not be mentioned or thought of. The multitudes who gather here in a time of unprecedented prosperity will not acknowledge God for any of our blessings. Instead, the Lord will be cursed, while pride and glorification of flesh will be exalted. Gold is god in this city and throughout the nation.

For the worldly-minded, this New Year's Eve will probably be a time to hope for another year of prosperity and accumulation of goods. Unless there is some kind of Y2K shaking or a Wall Street free fall, most Americans will continue their pursuit of the good life and push God further and further from their minds.

Thank God for the holy remnant in America. They are fixing their eyes on Jesus, turning away from fleeting pleasures and the mad pursuit of riches, and looking with ever-increasing yearning for the coming of Christ. Meanwhile, they are occupying until he appears.

This world is not my home -- my heart is with my Lord in glory. All of the things of this world are going to vanish and fade as dying grass. All the skyscrapers in front of me will collapse; one day they will be nothing but tombstones. As I look out at one of the wealthiest, most glamorous, busiest crossroads of the world, it has no appeal to me -- other than as an opportunity to lift up the name of Jesus in the midst of it all.

My heart is full of gratitude to God for allowing me to be a part of the witness he has raised up right in the heart of this modem Babylon.

I thank God for those who pray for us, and for all who stand with us with financial support. And I thank God we are debt free. That has been a special testimony to the ungodly in this debt-ridden city. They know God can support what he starts, without using their methods to support it.

God bless and keep you.

His bondservant,
David Wilkerson


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