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August 2, 1999
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Dearly Beloved:


Gwen and I have been blessed greatly by the letters and comments from our readers. We grin when we read, "I doubt this letter will be read by the Wilkersons, but here goes anyway...." We read all the letters, but we just can't answer them all. We read the critical letters also. But even the critical comments are written with genuine concern and respect. We also continue to pray over all the prayer requests mailed to us. In fact, my pastoral staff lays hands on the stack of requests and we pray with much faith that God will answer. Many have written to tell us of God's answer to their prayer needs.

There are two matters I want to speak to you about:

First of all -- the economy. A man wrote, saying, "Your last two books put fear in many believers unnecessarily. I followed your advice, sold my stock and lost out on the boom -- thousands of dollars. It looks like you spoke out of flesh, not of God."

My answer: I gave no financial advice. I suggested every believer go to God and get direction in prayer. I warned there could be a temporary stock market boom. I am even more convinced there is coming a frightful depression. The real estate market is going to collapse with the stock market. I don't believe God would deceive any shepherd of his with such a word, especially if that shepherd spends hours in prayer and fasting with no other agenda but to be a fruitful watchman.

I suggest all God's people use the good times to get out of as much debt as possible. We should also be very thankful for his mercy, which has delayed America's chastening. I dread the day when many write to me, saying, "Oh that I had listened to the warnings!" Also, if you have read my books all the way through, you have found great encouragement and hope. God is going to care for his people in hard times.

Second of all -- I want to speak lovingly to all the elderly who receive my written messages. So many write, saying, "I am retired and on a very small income. I don't have much to give. You can drop me from your list if you choose, since I can't help financially."

Please hear me -- I have said this a number of times: If you are on a limited income, or you're unemployed or a single mother trying to support your family, you need not feel obligated to send any money. Just write telling me you enjoy the messages and you would like to continue receiving them and you will never be removed from my list until you go to glory! I am not grandstanding -- God knows my heart. Our ministry is not after your money. God will supply our needs from those who are employed and able to help. We are proud to have so many elderly saints receiving our messages. And we are blessed to minister free of charge to all who are unemployed or financially strapped. You need the encouragement and edification of these messages.

Love to all in Christ.

His bondservant,
David Wilkerson


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