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September 14, 1998
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Dearly Beloved:

The Lord bless you with mercy and grace!

I trust that all who have ordered my book, America's Last Call, have received them by now. If your order has not been filled properly, please write and let me know - we will take care of it immediately. This week we are making the book available to Christian bookstores. It would help if you could call your local Christian bookstore and ask them to carry it. Others need to receive the message and be warned. We would appreciate it.

Some have asked why we have offices in Texas. Simply because that is where my office headquarters were before I moved back to New York City to establish Times Square Church. I left my editorial and mailing offices in Lindale, Texas, because I simply could not afford to operate comparable offices in the city; it would be extremely expensive. All prayer requests and personal letters are promptly read in Texas, then mailed to my New York office where Gwen and I read every letter. We cannot answer them all - but we do read all the personal letters and our staff joins me in prayer over every single prayer request. And we pray diligently and with faith. We hear of many answers to our prayers and many miracles of salvation, healed marriages, and various other supernatural answers.

A reader asked, "Who are you and what do you do in New York? Somebody put me on your mailing list - why do you need support?" For the sake of our new readers, let me give you a quick review:

In 1958 God called me to work with gangs and addicts in New York City. I established a ministry called Teen Challenge, a ministry that spread very quickly, with rehab centers throughout the U.S. and the world. I traveled in crusades for about twenty years, while continuing my work with those with life-controlling problems.

In 1986 God called me back to New York City to start a church in Times Square. Since then it has grown to a congregation of over 7,000. The Holy Spirit led me to minister not only to our church congregation, but also again to the addicted, the homeless, the poor and the street people. We established a home for addicted men, a home for addicted women and mothers and their children who were abandoned and abused, feeding programs with a mobile food truck that goes out to feed the homeless where they are, a farm to minister to fatherless children and provide a place to take inner-city teenagers out of the city for ministry, and a Bible school to train our own workers to minister to needy people.

All of this is supported by faith. Almost all our funds come from readers of my messages. We do not beg for money and we are debt free. But if you were ever in my secret closet of prayer - and heard my daily fervent prayers - you would understand why the Holy Ghost prompts our readers to support this ministry. Every gift goes so far to help so many.

We are grateful! Thank you all - for your letters, your comments, your requests and your sacrificial gifts of support. God be with you.

His bondservant,
David Wilkerson

P.O. Box 260
Lindale, Texas 75771

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