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November 3, 1997

Dearly Beloved:

May the love of God embrace you always!

My wife Gwen and I have been reading many hundreds of letters and prayer requests mailed to us by our readers. So often we've come across the following words: "I doubt my letter will be read by you personally, but nevertheless I'm sending you my prayer request."

To all who have written, I can assure you of the following three things: (1) Every single letter is read twice-first, by our staff-and second, by my wife or myself. This is Gwen's full-time ministry. She has me read only the underlined heart of the letters she reads. (2) We pray over the letters and requests. It is a deeply moving experience to share the heartbreaks, trials and hardships of so many hurting Christians. (3) I can assure you this invitation for you to send in your prayer needs is not a gimmick to boost mail response nor to raise funds. God knows that! And He has greatly blessed and honored us for doing this purely as ministry.

One of the most difficult things in reading these letters is the heartbreaking correspondence from some of the elderly. An eighty-seven-year-old sister who is nearly crippled with arthritis and diabetes wonders what will happen to her when she can no longer get out of bed, as she has no living relatives. An eighty-five-year-old husband nurses his eighty-three-year-old bedridden wife. Others are trying to survive on very little income, yet they send their small gifts to help our ministry. I read their letters and have so often said to Gwen, "We can't take their money-they can hardly make it." Yet, those to whom we have mailed back offerings have written back saying, "It's tithe money. We trust your ministry-so please use it to help others in need."

Along this line, may I say to all our readers and friends who are elderly and struggling to make ends meet-please do not feel under obligation to send us any money, other than tithe. We will keep sending you our messages whether you help us financially or not. I am not trying to pontificate or sound like some holy, charitable preacher. We mean it with all our hearts. Just pray for us. Gwen tries to personally answer all our dear elderly who write. It may take her a while to catch up, but she tries to eventually answer them all.

We have been truly stirred in our hearts by all the requests for prayer from wives whose husbands have abandoned them-mostly for another woman. Among them are many ministers wives. It is shocking to hear of so many divorces, broken homes and troubled relationships. It seems as though Satan is determined to seduce, ruin and destroy multitudes of Christian homes and marriages. We are diligently praying that the Holy Spirit will rise up and push back these flood tides of evil coming against our homes.

The good news is that the majority of those who write to us still have strong faith and confidence in the Lord, despite all their difficulties. Many have been severely tried and shaken, but they have not given up on the faithfulness of the Lord. God be praised!

I want to give the Lord thanks for moving on so many open hearts to help us with their tithe and offerings. It is a miracle-always just enough each week to meet every need and help us stay out of debt.

Thank you for listening and caring.

His bondservant,

P.O. Box 260
Lindale, Texas 75771


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