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July 12, 1999
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Dearly Beloved:


I've just returned from ministers' conferences in France, Croatia, Romania and Poland. God's blessing upon all the meetings was greater than we could have anticipated. Pastors from over 40 nations attended the meetings, many from the Balkan states and former Soviet Union countries, such as Belarus, Ukraine and White Russia. They also came from Hungary, Czech Republic and the Pentecostal gypsy movement.

We found a great hunger for the simple, straightforward gospel among both the pastors and the general public, who attended the evening citywide crusades. The people are deeply troubled and perplexed by all the strange gospels creeping into their churches from America.

In private meetings with evangelical leaders from the nations where we ministered, I was assured they were going to protect the sheep under their care and keep out the wolves who come to split churches with American heresies.

I also met with leaders and delegations from Ukraine and Belarus, who pleaded with me to come to their countries for pastors' meetings. I am praying about going to these countries, as well as to Russia for ministers' conferences and nightly evangelical crusades.

In Romania the leaders came to me with a complaint about my ministry. I had been preaching to the pastors each morning for about an hour and a half. They complained, lovingly, that my messages were too short. They asked if I could take a 15-minute break and then give them another hour-and-a-half message. I just did not have the strength to preach three times a day. This should tell you something of their hunger for truth.

Many thousands attended the evening crusades, and the response to our call to receive Christ as Lord was overwhelming. Thousands truly repented. It was amazing to see so many Catholics and Orthodox sitting on the edge of their seats, wiping tears from their eyes and so ready to confess and repent of their sins.

When I returned to Times Square Church here in New York City, I found it stronger than when I left nearly a month before. The glory of God is fully upon this church. Multitudes continue to be saved -- and our biggest problem is how to find seats for the overflowing crowds of hungry seekers. In every meeting sinners stream to the altar, including visitors from all over the world. God be praised!

We continue to fast and pray with all diligence. We stand firm in our conviction that the American economic bubble is going to burst - and we continue to warn God's people to get out of debt and prepare for very troubling times. Someday soon those who have ridiculed my warnings will know that God was faithful to warn.

I so appreciate the prayers and continued support from godly friends on our mailing list. I am amazed how the Holy Spirit prompts our readers to send regular monthly support. It is truly a miracle how God supplies our needs in this way.

God bless and keep you.

His bondservant,
David Wilkerson

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