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December 6, 1999
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Dearly Beloved:


We are pleased to send you our annual scripture calendar. We hope you will enjoy the personal touch we added to the year 2000 edition. Please indulge Gwen and me for displaying our children and grandchildren. Our staff thought our regular readers would enjoy seeing the photos.

Gwen and I have been greatly blessed with four children in the ministry and eleven grandchildren, all serving the Lord. And after thirteen operations - five for cancer, plus the removal of one kidney and other major organs - Gwen is enjoying good health. We have been married for 48 years. We have no plans to retire, because it is such a joy to minister to so many hungry people.

All of us trust that the year 2000 will be a year of new hope, special guidance and spiritual blessing for you and your family. God loves you dearly, and he will not leave you in confusion or distress. You can make it your best year ever by diligently studying his word, by daily prayer and by fully trusting the Holy Ghost to do in you what you can't do in your own strength.

One last word - I want to assure every pastor who has written to me in recent months that I have personally read each letter and taken to heart all that was said. I am not above being reproved and corrected. I receive it. Even those who have written to correct me have been kind, sincerely concerned and respectful. I can't personally answer every pastor, but I can say honestly that I have listened to and sought the Lord for his clear direction. I want to be very careful to speak, plan and move only according to the scriptures. I want to be wholly governed by the word. I thank every pastor who has written. It has shown me your great love and concern for the body of Christ.

A very special thanks to all who have supported this ministry and who have prayed for us. We will continue to pray, as in the past, that God will meet all our needs through intercessory prayer and by faith. It keeps us debt free, with just enough coming in to meet the special needs in ministering to the multitudes here.

Thank you. God be with you.

His bondservant,
David Wilkerson


P.S. If you want a tax deduction for giving in 1999, your check should be dated and postmarked no later than December 31, 1999.

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